What our Fourth Birds say

I love being part of this group having exposure to interact with so many positive birds.
Vivienne Pretty

Nest of like-minded positive chicks. Best wing-woman ever.
Deb Sherman

Love being part of The Fourth Bird tribe. Lots of fun and special moments.
Fleur Hannila

Love closer access to the birds to get fast answers to my questions. Love the fresh confidential content posted of their current projects and just love our small fourth bird community to help each other to achieve similar goals. 
Mia Michele

Awesome team to be apart of. Bonnie, Lana and Erin zoom calls and live chats monthly are a must for me. Great feedback and access to these three amazing inspirational Birdies that you don’t get anywhere else. I think I’m addicted.
Michelle Van Der Vegt

Being part of the inner circle that is Fourth Bird was an opportunity I jumped at. I get to see ThreeBirds current projects. I receive a weekly email with so many tips, tricks and advice from ThreeBirds and industry professionals. The monthly “Wine Time” zoom gives Fourth Birds the opportunity to ask questions specific to their reno, and have them answered by Bonnie, Erin and Lana. And so much love for being part of such a supportive group of like minded, hardworking,and clever women in the Facebook group.
Jodie Horton

Fourth Bird could not have come along at a more crucial moment for us. Love all the extra insights, inspo and access.
Gabriella Lorenzetti

Catherine Kirkpatrick

I’ve really been loving it so far. It’s just that added layer to the whole experience which is really cool. Getting behind the scenes access is really fab too. I haven’t even completed Reno school but 4th bird has been snack sized and digestible and perfect for me. Oh, and lots of birdy action which is. 
Daniella Gonzalez

Signed up and loving it! It feels very intimate and I feel seen and heard.
Shan Sheldrick

Being a fourth bird is awesome absolutely love it!! If you’re on the fence hop on over!! It’s like an elite best friends club with that little bit extra. 
Sharon Sierra

Chatting one on one and supported in the comments directly with Lana, Bon and Ez is the biggest surprise! We’ve joined them in virtual walkthroughs of House 15… I feel like I am working on their Reno team!
Mish Tjahjono

If you can get on board ladies, It’s so worth it! If you thought that Reno school or styling school were great this is next level. The amount of advice and chatting is off the charts and it feels so intimate and connected. Not just to one another but to the birds as well. I’m not even building or renovating at the moment, all finished but couldn’t miss out on the fourth bird because I suffer FOMO and I’m so stoked I jumped.
Cherie Marsh-Kokles

Loving being a Fourth Bird! Actually chatted with Bon, Lana and Erin with all the other fourth birdies in real life (on Zoom, that’s real life now right? ). And oo house 15 is going to be a good one, you have to see. 
Anthea Dyer

It’s great and the video tips are really worthwhile! Sign up.. you’ve got more to gain
Can you afford not to?
Donna Marie Kessler



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